First Aid Animal - ClassWeb

First Aid Animal - ClassWeb

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Training First Animal Rescueis for all pet owners (cats and dogs) or animal professionals. The primary goal of the training is to quickly recognize the signs of illness or trauma, as well as the actions to be taken in an emergency. At the end of the training, the candidate will be able to identify an emergency situation, collect the essential data and what to do before going to a veterinarian.

This training 4 p.m. is divided into 33 weekly modules.

Animals and the law in Quebec
Anatomy and Animal Physiology
Safe approach to the animal
Consciousness Levels - AVTDI
Vital signs
Primary verification - CORV
Secondary check
Anamnesis - VADEBUTS
Contusions and Wounds
Injuries to bones and joints
Transporting an injured/sick animal
Illnesses and Injuries - Cold and Heat
Disobstruction of the airways
Artificial breathing
Animal Accident Vs Vehicle
Electrification and Electrocution
Drowning and Quasi-drowning
Medical Emergencies and Sudden Illnesses
Frequent chronic pathologies
Races and Predispositions
Birth (birth)
Pathogens and Zoonoses
Medication administration
Prevention and Preparation
Emergency kit and equipment
Answering questions

Training takes place in our private environmentVimeo®. Our animal health technicians also answer your questions in a special episode.Watch all-you-can-eat videos, wherever you want and when you want.

The ClassWeb course retails for $39.98 plus taxes (for members) and $79.95 plus taxes (for non-members). Become a member now (you'll receive your discount code by email). You must pay for credit card training at the time of purchase. Your payment is non-refundable. If you are having difficulty registering, contact us at 514-77-33-911.

You must have an email address and access to Viméo® in order to take this training. The modules are online every Friday at 20:00 from 8 March 2019. There is no deadline for registration, as you can view previous modules at any time. You receive your personalized link (exclusive and secure) by email. Just follow this link and view the module. You can watch it at will, wherever you want and whenever you want.

Pourquoi devenir membre?

Une communauté

Cette communauté qui grandit chaque jour et qui nous permet de nous procurer du meilleur équipement. Cette même communauté qui nous permet d'effectuer des opérations de secours et de sauvetage aux animaux sans famille (errants, communautaires, faune, faune urbaine et sauvages).

911 Animal

En tant que membre, vous avez accès à une ligne téléphonique d'urgence qui vous permet d'avoir de l'assistance 24/7/365. Cette ligne s'appelle le 911animal et est exclusive aux membres de Sauvetage Animal Rescue. Elle garantie une réponse de jour comme de nuit. Vous pouvez vous en servir pour vos propres animaux ou pour faire le signalement d'un animal en détresse.